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interest was in custody, but they are confident they have the east coast rapist in custody. this is a man they have been looking for since 1997. he attacked 17 women since that time. he has attacked several times in prince georges county, in prince william county, fairfax county, rhode island, and in connecticut. we did a story about this just a couple weeks ago because the task force, the east coast rapist task force was putting on a full court press trying to catch this man. they put up a website and we now know within a few hours of that website going up, there were 44,000 hits to that website. a lot of people were interested in this case. now we don't know had gotten on to this man before they put up that website or if a tip came in after that. we are working the story. we are trying to put all the pieces together. the u.s. marshal service has this man in custody in new haven, connecticut. there was a warrant for his
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arrest. that's very important. somebody feels they have enough evidence to charge this man for a series of rapes. >> more tonight at 6:00, 10:00, and 11:00. paul wagner, thank you. now to a battle brewing at a local hospital. nurses walked off the job and on to the picket line. at issue, these nurses claim staffing problems are putting patients at risk, but the hospital says there's no safety problem at all. this is all about money. beth parker is live in northwest outside the hospital. beth. >> reporter: laura, this picket line has been going strong since this morning. take a look over my shoulder. people have been driving by. they have been beeping their horns, but the hospital says that at least half of the nurses of this 7:00 a.m. shift cross this picket line and came to work. pounding home their message. nurses who are used to spending many hours on their feet spent this day walking the picket
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line. the nurses say since staffing is putting patients at risk. >> what we are fighting for affects everyone. we have called this strike because we want to ensure that this hospital is safe for our patients. >> they want you to be quiet about nurse, patient ratio. they want you to be quiet about your ideas to improve patient health and safety. that i want you to be quiet. let me ask you a question. are we going to let them make us quiet? >> it is quiet, according to the hospital's chief medical officer. >> the operating room is open. we have about 14 women right now who are having babies up in our labor and delivery unit. so it's a wonderful day. it's been business as usual. >> marquisha howard said she
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saw some new faces today, but didn't notice a difference in care. back outside this stretch of irving street northwest has become part of a national battle over unions. >> we have nurses from california, maine, florida, texas, nevada, minnesota, michigan. [ applause ] >> on the picket line. >> they showed us so much love. >> other states and other unions. >> we really tried to make this part of a national scene. it's not a national scene. we are basically negotiating a plain old contract. >> now there's been an on going debate over pay here for nurses who are working nights and weekends and that seems to be at the root of this dispute. just so you know how things are working inside the hospital has brought in contract nurses. those are folks who step in,
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who you might call on a freelance basis that come in to work to create the gap with the nurses on strike. this is a one-day strike, but the hospital has to hire those contractors for a total of five days. they say that is the minimum. they say they are not willing to pay for both sets of nurses, so this one day strike that was called bit union essentially becomes a five-day walkout. live in northwest, i'm beth parker. >> beth, we said earlier the nurses are claiming the patients are at risk. have you talked to other patients who believe they are at risk because of the nursing issues? >> we have not talked to any patients who say they are at risk or they felt at risk here. i can tell you that the nurses say the issue has been been a staffing, that there are times they feel there are not enough people on a particular department on a particular shift and that is putting patients at risk. i have not personally spoken to a patient who says he or she
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considers themselves at risk because of the staffing situation. another last minute reprieve for the nfl and the players union. both sides agreed to continue their negotiations for one week and preventing a walkout. bob, could this be a sign they are making progress? >> reporter: yeah, i think so, shaun. the nfl commissioner basically says that. now neither side is tipping their hand, giving any indication of whether they are moving one way or the other how these negotiations are going. the federal mediator seems confident enough that he asked both the league and player's union to keep talking. >> with the clock ticking on a 24 hour extension of the expiring collective bargaining agreement, nfl commissioner, roger goodell and demorris smith were at mediation headquarters on k street. >> this is going to get resolved. >> they are trying to hammer
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out a new two-year-old dispute over the league's $9 billion in annual revenues. each side wanting a greater share of that lucrative pot. also in contention, the league's desire to add two more regular season games to the nfl schedule. and team owners insistence on establishing a salary cap for working contractors. >> yesterday i said that i wanted to thank all of our fans for being patient as we worked through this. we want to continue to thank our fans for still being patient as we work through this. >> green bay packers president and general manager, mark murphy left the talk, giving no indication whether any kind of deal had been struck. >> we are working on it. >> by 2:00 this afternoon, reporters were getting word on their blackberries that the talks would be extended another week until next friday afternoon. >> we continue to work hard and we are continuing this
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dialogue as a positive sign. >> the players union says all it wants is a fair deal. >> it is something we've tried to do and worked hard to do over the last two years. there's a commitment from both sides to engage in another round of negotiations at the request of the mediation service. we look forward to a deal coming out of that. >> and the negotiators say they'll take the weekend off, be back at the table on monday, and have all week to try and reach a deal. shawn. >> we know definitely the fans want it, bob, thank you very much. coming up, if you want to really understand what this is all about, we have an nfl agent coming in to break it down for us. stick around. dc police will not search for the body of a murdered teenager. investigators suspect 18-year- old latisha fraisher's body is buried. recovering her remains is a high priority, but experts believe there's only a small
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chance of recovering them. the search would be dangerous, too, with a chance of collapse and methane gas explosions in that landfill. she denied that an estimated million dollar cost was the deciding factor. five of the six suspects accused in fraish's death were in court today. her family was also there. >> i just want to get as much time as they possibly could get. it's not enough time that they could get for her life. >> suspects are accused of beating and killing fraisher and dumping her body in a trash bin back in august. prince georges county police are searching for this man, jona iman accused of robbing a senior citizen. we showed you surveillance video last month when a man grabbed a 71-year-old woman's purse, yanked her to the ground and left her with several cuts. police have a warrant out for his arrest and anyone with information is asked to give investigators a call. we're on top of a
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developing story at the state house in annapolis. a victory for gay marriage supporters hoping maryland would become the next state to allow same sex couples to marry. a vote is keeping their hopes alive. john. >> reporter: we have the exact number of votes necessary in the house judiciary committee. let's show you what happened. high drama there because basically a delegate from prince georges county, delegate tiffany alston had second thoughts earlier, the delegate had said she would support a similar full marriage rights for gay and lesbian citizens in maryland. but after being bombarded with e-mails and telephone calls, she changed her mind. and today, she offered a civil unions substitute piece of legislation. the committee narrowly rejected that by one vote and the main
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bill needed 12 votes. the delegates from pg county voted no, but the chairman voted yes. it got the 12 votes it needed. afterwards, we spoke briefly with one of the few openly gay delegates in the maryland legislature, luke clippinger. >> it's a moe mentous day for marylanders. it's a momentous day for so many for this day to come. >> again, this was a very narrow victory and the fight is not over for supporters for gays and lesbians in maryland because the full house has to vote on this. both sides are predicting a vote and that will be scheduled for early next week. >> john, thank you for the update tonight. dozens of new charges in the tucson shooting spree. a federal grand jury indicted
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lautner. lautner is already charged with attempting to assassinate gabrielle giffords. the crisis in libya claims almost two dozen more lives and tonight, protesters in egypt are taking to the streets. we are staying on top of this story. young metro riders can't get to the train. don't miss the new cink in your commute when we monitor metro next. keep it right here. we will be right back. 
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fox 5 monitoring metro tonight. a man was hit by a train on the red line. sky fox over the scene at the rockville station just after noon. officials say the man's legs were pinned under the rail car. it took rescuers more than 30 minutes to get him out. he was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. the rockville station remains closed. trains are single tracking through that area. forget unruly teens and broken escalators. raccoons are now keeping people away. a family of raccoons is chasing passengers at the fort totten station. she spotted a raccoon inside the station near the ticket machine. more metro news now. if you are riding the rails, expect plenty of delays. on the orange line, minnesota avenue, dean wood, landover and new carolton will shut down
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starting at 10:00 tonight through monday morning. also no service on the blue line. shuttle buses will be available. on the red line, trains will single track as well as between takoma. we are keeping tracks on the escalators. about 12% or 72 of f metro's 588 etc. caylators are undergoing repairs. all of the elevators are working. just six of 237 are out of service. a reminder, we want you to help us monitor metro. if you spot a safety concern, take a picture, a video, or e- mail us your story, send them all to no end in sight to the political standoff in wisconsin. now senate leaders are forcing legal action. they took off to stall a vote on the governor's plan to end
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unions because they are too expensive. the lawmakers face contempt of court charges, but they are holding strong. they claim they offered a reasonable compromise that the governor refuses to consider. better news tonight for the nation when it comes to the economy. new numbers for february show unemployment dropped to a nearly two-year low. the rate fell to 8.9% with employers hiring at the fastest rate in nearly a year, adding 192,000 jobs. peter joins us live with the latest on the economic news. peter, hi, thanks for being here. give us perspective on the new unemployment numbers. what does this all mean? >> the numbers are better, no question about it, laura, but they would have been even better had it not been for big cuts in state and local governments, which shed 30,000 jobs last month. if you'll back that out, private sector job creation was 222,000 jobs last month. that was the best number since last spring. if you drill down, you can see that most of these gains were
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broad based throughout the economy. for example, the construction sector added 33,000 jobs, manufactures added 33,000 jobs. healthcare added 34,000 jobs last month. but retailers cut back 8,000 jobs, laura. >> peter, what does all this say in terms of the outlook for the economy? >> clearly the economic recovery is getting stronger, but the job creation is not strong enough to really claw back all of the 8 million jobs that were lost during the recession. right now we are creating about enough jobs, 100 to 150,000 every month. that takes care of new entrance in the work force. kids graduating from college, high school, tech school, what have you looking for jobs to really claw back and create new jobs to get all those people who lost their jobs back to work. you have to create about 250 to 300,000 jobs per month consistently in order to get the unemployment rate really starting to move down. >> i have to ask you about gas
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prices. how big of an impact will higher gas prices have on the economy this time around and we have the problems in libya, could drive the prices up further. what are we looking at here? >> higher gas prices are basely a tax on the economy. they just take money right out of consumer pockets that could be spent on other things, like cars and refrigerators and home repairs. if we see gas prices rise to $4 a gallon, oil going to $120 per gallon, which can happen. that could trigger a double dip in the economy. >> a benchmark that makes consumers skiddish to say the very least. fox business news, peter barnes, thank you very much. secretary of state, hillary clinton, is helping iran in the case of an fbi agent that disappeared.
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they have proof bob is being held in southeast asia. he disappeared while on an island in 2007. the government won't reveal what kind of proof it has that he is alive because it could hurt efforts to free him. >> what is important is that we work to bring bob levenson home safely. his family misses him dearly. he does have medical issues and we continue to welcome any help that the iranian government can provide. >> iran claims it does not have any information about bob levenson. we are following a developing story out of egypt tonight. thousands you can see here protesters gathered in cairo's tahrir square to put pressure on egypt's square. most of them are demanding officials carry out reforms and
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eliminate parties. egypt's new prime minister pledged to meet their demand and urged protesters to turn their attention to rebuilding the country. air force plains are flying items in to refugees. there sin tense fighting in the eastern portion of the country as antigovernment rebels battle those loyal to libyan leader, moammar gadhafi. craig boswell reports. >> antigovernment rebels say they have driven out pro gadhafi forces from an eastern oil town. meanwhile, another town controlled by rebels, witnesses say at least 18 people have been killed and more than 120 wounded after an attack by gadhafi. >> i'm like 24 years and coming here. i'm dying tonight. >> one day after president obama again called for moammar gadhafi to stop the violence
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and step down, some lawmakers step up their support for a no fly zone over the country. >> it is not a major challenge at least in my assessment of being able to impose a know fly zone. >> during hearings, defense secretary, robert gates testified a no fly zone would require military action. secretary of state, hillary clinton, says the administration is considering all options, but focused on the humanitarian mission. >> chartered additional civilian aircraft to help people from other countries who have fled libya to find their way home. >> while gadhafi battles to control tripoli and the administration should be ready to move quickly, but with caution. >> i think that we have seen the debate this week over the no fly zone. i lean towards thinking it's a good idea, but not without strong arab support. >> the treasury department says timmothy will be there. u.s. already frozen more than
5:22 pm
$30 billion in libyan assets. in washington, craig boswell. catching a flight is anything but cheap. and more airlines denounced higher fares. >> there are deals to be found if you know where to look. what you need to know before you book, next. 
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airlines are raising prices again for the sixth straight time this year. with a little smart shopping, you can find some deals. says the best time to shop is tuesday. why you ask? because most sales start monday, and other airlines scramble to match the sale. the cheapest dates to travel are saturday. if you want to get to a warmer place, i would say today was the day to get out, but today wasn't as bad as yesterday. >> really? >> i thought it was beautiful. i thought you would complain about the cold. >> i'm ready for spring. i think that's my problem. >> gary, what's on tap for
5:26 pm
tonight? > not that i'm being a pessimist. >> i'm just trying it appease laura somehow. whatever to make her feel good. we may touch 60 this weekend, but that doesn't mean it's going to be that great of a weekend. we do have some rain out there, still in the forecast, speaking of rain, it's not too far away. this is not the rain that is going to get us, though, it looks like that's going to move right in. i think all we're going to get from this is clouds overnight tonight and we'll have more clouds through the weekend, too, and then it looks like the rain does come in tomorrow evening and into sunday. sunday looks real wet. 48 degrees right now. 53 for fredericksburg. we scrambled the warmest temperature was 49 for national. we may have made it to 50. i'll check on that. mostly clouds. clouds at 9:00 and 11:00 and temperatures are holding at least in the middle 40s. it's kind of a soggy sunday to be perfectly honest with you.
5:27 pm
we'll talk more about the weekend forecast, which part of the weekend is better? that's what i'll answer coming up in the full forecast. >> hopefully it's not one hour on tuesday. one hour on saturday. >> maybe it is. have to wait and see. >> thanks, gary. >> a fox 5 exclusive blew the lid off a spending scandal. >> protests were planned for today, then canceled. we'll tell you why. and the nfl has until next week to reach an agreement. but do you understand what is at the heart of this dispute? we'll break down the labor x and o's when fox news at 5:00 returns.  [ bob ] i'd love to build bird houses for the rest of my life. so i've got to take care of my heart. for me cheerios is a good place to start. [ male announcer ] to keep doing what you love, take care of your heart with cheerios. the whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. love your heart so you can do what you love. that's ever happened to cinnamon.
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♪ ♪ hello sunshine ♪ sweet as you can be ♪ i love waking up [ chuckles ] ♪ to your morning melody ♪ i can tell it's gonna be ♪ a sweet day [ female announcer ] wake up to sweetness with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey for a yummy sweet taste that's just right. and the 100% natural whole grain oats treat your heart sweet. because they can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. ♪ you're sweet to me bee happy. bee healthy. this is fox 5 news at 5:00. confusion today where students had planned a rally for the resignation of their president, allen sessums. this comes after a fox 5 investigation found he spent
5:31 pm
thousands of dollars on first class flights. more on the story we brought you first on fox. >> laura, students say a combination of fear and confusion forced them to cancel an on campus rally today. both campus police and the metropolitan police department were ready for the protest. pd told us they had received notification of the rally, but some students told us they stayed away after rumors started swirling that students might be arrested or wouldn't be able to graduate if they attended the protest. others told us this was not true. instead, various student groups decided to merge their protest movements into one large protest that is now scheduled for this coming monday at 11:00 a.m. where they say they will present a signed petition demanding the resignation of allen sessums. >> i would tell them not to worry at all. there will not be any retaliation on the part of the staff or faculty. i spoke with the vice president
5:32 pm
of student affairs and she assured there will not be any retaliation toward any of the students as long as we stay within the student code of conduct. >> some students told us they were concerned they would get in trouble if they didn't have the proper permits for a protest. so we called ntd this morning to find out what the rules are. mpd says if you want to express your first amendment rights on dc's public property, you don't need a permit. but they do ask that you notify them either on the phone or in writing and the police say they've been notified of monday's protest. laura. >> in spite of all this, what is the mood on campus? did you talk to students? >> the students say, it's pretty stressful. they are in the middle of taking midterms, laura. they told us they feel really passionate about what is happening to their school. they want to get the message out that monday's rally is not just about the president, but also wanted to be a chance for students to celebrate the positive things, they say are
5:33 pm
happening at udc. >> i got to ask you, where did this come from? the level of fear among the students that they may not graduate? did that come from anybody specific? are they saying? >> we are trying to figure it out. all the different organizationers heard the same thing. we were getting phone calls here at fox 5. we went around to everyone we knew. no one is sure where it started. they are not surprised because you know, whenever you protest, you want to make sure you can still graduate. you want to make sure you aren't going to get arrested for a lot of these folks. it was a lot of rumor and they want to say, they are ready to rally on monday at 11:00. >> all right, thanks so much for the update. a new independent report says there is no evidence that schools have improved with the mayor's office in charge. former mayor, adrian fenty took control of the schools in '07. she started aggressive reforms, which she then stepped down
5:34 pm
when mayor gray stepped up. a modest improvement in test scores cannot be linked to school reform. dc council chairman,kwame brown wants to continue the reform that they started four years ago. while improvements have been made in elementary school, middle school is lagging behind. they asked kia henderson to make changes. >> we have a problem in our secondary schools. and we should do everything we can to fix that. it's not just good having universal prek and having folks keep their kids in schools in the third grade. while we changed the frame of reference, we have not done that in our middle schools. >> issues with hearty middle school came up. many parents complaining that the school hasn't been the same since former principal, patrick pope was dismissed last year and they are asking he be reinstated. >> we are following breaking
5:35 pm
news in prince georges county. there has been a police involved shooting in clinton, maryland. sky fox high over the scene there at woodyard and brandi wine roads. there is police tape up. there are a number of police vehicles there on the scene. sky fox is overhead. we understand at this point that an officer shot a person. we're not exactly sure what led to the shooting. the shooting taking place in clinton, maryland right now in prince georges county. this is the intersection of wood yard road and brandy wine road. we'll continue to update you with any any information. as bob mentioned earlier in the show, the nfl and players union agreed to a one week extension as they work toward a new collective bargaining agreement. neither side is really ready to shut down an industry that generates $9 billion in revenue a year. questions still remain. to help with those, we welcome
5:36 pm
in ellen zavian. ellen, thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> you were a member of the nfl, do you see similarities? >> absolutely. if you look at the script that the nfl pa did in 1987 up into '89 when they filed the antitrust action, it's identical. it comes down to that leverage. so you will see the two individuals looking at identical scripts. one is the potential of a lockout and the players will then consider to decertify, that means no longer being a union, and at that time that would prevent the lockout from occurring. they would play under the original terms and conditions that the agreement until the antitrust case was resolved. >> okay, now say a lockout does occur, does the nfl try to find substitute players or put the season on hold? what happens there? >> any time you are
5:37 pm
negotiating, you want a plan b, which is if we don't come to an agreement, what should we do? any good negotiating team is already working on a plan i would absolutely bet that the plan b involves what we call scams, which mean players that cross the picket line and other leagues, like the cfl and ufl existing, there's ripe opportunity. that's how jim kelly came into play in the nfl. he was playing in another league and then had his chance when we went on strike. >> now decertifying, that's a word that has been tossed around. the players union breaks up. what are the consequences of decertify decertify. >> thehe other side of it is,
5:38 pm
decertifying has court costs. they will file suit against the owners and their team. >> what exactly do they sue the nfl for, though? >> well you know, a lot of people are using that word, antitrust and throwing it about. so for simplifying, promote competition. and so the courts have said, basically, as long as you're negotiating like nice people, we'll allow you to collectively negotiate. but once you stop being nice to each other, we will no longer protect you. and so at that point, the owners would be looked at as colluding and the players, which are individual athletes can then negotiate individual contracts because they are not locked to the terms and conditions of the collective bargaining agreement. >> let's hope they get it done
5:39 pm
in the next week. ellen, gwu sports law professor. thanks for joining us. shawn, back to you. a sweet surprise for a breast cancer patient just ahead. >> wait until you see what her family did to make sure she didn't miss a special day. you want to grab the tissues for this one. >> what pushed the woman to trash this liquor store? you see what she is doing right there? we're going to take a closer look and explain when we come back. 
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5:42 pm
caught on camera in new york. take a look at this video. a woman leaving a path of destruction in the liquor aisle. she was angry at a clerk so she walked down the aisle at a rock
5:43 pm
rockland liquor aisle. she says she is sorry. it was out of character. she turned herself into police. now to a heartbreaking celebration for a family in illinois. a bride and a groom got married in a hospital so the bride's sick mother could be there. patricia has breast cancer and last weekend, doctors told the family she may only have days to live. well amy and mike flew in from texas along with their parents to have their ceremony as soon as possible. >> i was here to see them get through the marriage and her and her father are very happy for both of them that we were both here to see the happiness. >> i think it was the right time to do it and have mom here and we knew it would be the right time to do it. >> wonderful. the wedding chapel holds 20 people. about twice as many guests crowded in to see amy and mike
5:44 pm
get married. >> what a great story. >> yeah, i mean, you know. i can understand you want your mom to be there. >> absolutely. well, outside chilly temperatures across the region, but get ready for some changes. >> that's right, we are talking about wet weather. could cramp your weekend plans. garrett's full forecast is next.  ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy low-fat yogurt, mcdonald's strawberry-banana and wild berry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun.
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the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪
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the world is buzzing about the upcoming royal nuptules. you won't have to go back too far. a decision by her great grandfather will change british history. >> this is the girl who will some day be queen. kate middleton and prince william will soon tie the knott. before the at -- this is
5:48 pm
northeast england, it's where kate's mother worked the land. josh harrison is a cousin. >> it's a nice feeling to know that this is something that in the family, you know, we are going to be, well, we are related to royalty. it will eventually sink in. >> the middleton family didn't think much about life outside the mine, but kate's great grandfather left coal country for the middle class. his granddaughter married a businessman and their daughter is about to marry a prince. >> this let in a whole section of the british publish without being able to -- apart from an entity. what she can do is open the door so the people can think, well maybe my daughter can marry a future prince. >> in a class conscious
5:49 pm
society, it is highly unusual. but there is speculation that kate's modest roots may drift up to the family. > hopefully northeast way of life. not that she doesn't know what it is, but i'm sure they will make a lovely couple. more down to earth and friendly then prince charles. he's definitely a prince, isn't he? >> all right, so got a little wet weather coming in, huh? >> looks like a lot of wet weather, actually. sunday is by far the worse day of the weekend. >> you told us you were going to let us know when was going to be the good part of the weekend. >> right, the best part of the weekend will be tomorrow. it's pretty good. most of tomorrow is in good shape. i'm not going to tell you we will be completely dry tomorrow, because there's a chance of a shower, but
5:50 pm
definitely tomorrow, it's going to be loads better than sunday, unless you have been rooting for rain, because that's what we will have. beautiful to start the day. clouds came over late this afternoon. we are pointed down wisconsin there. back down towards downtown. you can see the cathedral in the distance. temperatures falling into the 40s now. speaking of temperatures, temperatures are holding in the 40s here in the city. 45 for gaithersburg. 48 for dulles. and down to the south and southwest temperatures a little warmer. not a bad evening if you are stepping out. clouds will stay dry. temperatures 47 at 7:00. between 7:00 and 9:00, temperature only expected to fall about a degree or two. between 9:00 and 11:00, another degree. so temperatures tonight fairly mild, all things considered, will only be down into the lower 40s for lows, at least here in town. a little colder in the suburbs. wet sunday for sure. we are talking 100% chance of rain for sunday and there will be a period of time on sunday where we may actually get some
5:51 pm
moderate, even some heavy rain showers out of all this. this is how much rain we think. this will take us through the weekend. the red is by far where we think the heaviest rain is going be. north of us, but maybe just a little bit of our maryland counties and back out to the west and there could be a couple thunderstorms down to the south of us. would not surprise me if later in the day, sunday, sunday evening, you hear a rumble of thunder. i'm not going to throw thunderstorms in the forecast, but that would not surprise me late sunday. we are thinking all things considered, 3/4 of an inch to an sp and a half of rain here in town before it's all said and done. but notice the red here, this comes up just north of baltimore and then down into perhaps parts of frederick county and washington county, too. and then out to the west in the the western parts of maryland, where there could be an inch and a half. this is why, too, a real vigorous area of low pressure
5:52 pm
back out to the west of us. severe weather this evening. there's a strong and severe line of thunderstorms moving into western sections of st. louis now. i don't think we have to worry about severe weather, but again, late saturday into sunday, it looks like moderate rain. it will keep the first wave of rain away from us. it will go to the west and to the northwest. so overnight tonight, we are only talking cloudy skies. upper 30s confined to the suburbs, okay. lower 40s here in town. that's not too terribly bad and tomorrow, if you're lucky, if you are one of the one or two lucky ones, you'll see sunshine. i think mainly it will be cloudy. by tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, we could have some spotty showers already beginning to arrive. temperatures tomorrow into the upper 50s, maybe 60 degrees. but it looks like most of us will stay in the upper 50s, okay? this is tomorrow night at 5:00. notice a couple little showers
5:53 pm
here on future cast. still most of the rain back out to the west and by sunday morning, look at where the heaviest of the rain is. back out to the west. that will come out across on sunday and sunday night, i think that's when we stand the chance of the heaviest rain coming on across. notice we are seeing some snow back out to the west there. that's nothing we have to worry about, i hope, or if we get snow here, we are going have a bad forecast. 59 degrees tomorrow. 58 on sunday. a little cooler once the rain gets out of here for monday and tuesday and wednesday. >> if we get snow here, i'm not coming back on monday. >> you might want to stay home. >> i'll stay home. >> thanks, gary. let's go to hollywood where there's no snow. more drama for charlie sheen. tmz is live in la. sheen's ex-wife, denise richards is questioning his parenting? what is the latest with that? that sounds like it may not be
5:54 pm
new. >> reporter: i mean, here's the thing. you got brooke mueller taking the two sons away and she doesn't want the kids around charlie sheen because of his crazy behavior. denise richards, his other ex- wife with his two daughters is kind of on board with that, saying nope, i'm not letting the daughters around charlie right now, his behavior is too crazy. he is calling up every talk show on the planet. he is doing interviews and called her up because he wanted the girls to come over so he could do a 20/20 interview. she said absolutely not. my girls aren't going to join into this lifestyle you have going on and that ticked charlie off, so he started calling her names and this and that. >> i understand you guys are working breaking news involving david arquette in an accident he was involved in? what happened with him? >> yeah, this literally happened 20 minutes ago, but david arquette was driving through hollywood.
5:55 pm
the car in front of him stopped. he swerved into on coming traffic. had a head on collision. we got some photos of the scene and it looks pretty bad. the car is smashed up. david is laying in the grass. he was picked up by the ambulance and transported to the hospital. you know, i hear he was bleeding, but he seems to be okay at that point and we'll obviously get more details and put thethe site as soon as we can. >> do you have an official condition from the hospital? >> no. i think he is in the ambulance at this moment on the way over to the hospital. >> sounds serious, all right, we'll look for it more at 6:30 on tmz on tv and tmz online. thanks very much. coming up, another step forward in legalizing gay marriage in maryland. breaking down what comes next. and a college basketball star suspended from school and kicked off the team for the rest of the year for something he did off the court. find out what got him in so much trouble. ever wonder how easy it is to
5:56 pm
throw away a half billion dollars? nasa found out today the hard way. we'll explain how this launch was involved and what went wrong. 
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
thanks for joining us at 5:00. the news edge at 6:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. >> off the top tonight, a man suspected of being a violent serial rapist is off the streets after years of attacking women. connecticut police believe it's the man dubbed the east coast rapist. paul wagner has been working the story. you have new details on how they linked the suspect to the cases. >> we do, shawn, we have been working the phones when the story first broke. this is what we are being told. detectives came upon this suspect, they did develop the suspect over

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